How do I transition my cat to PrettyLitter?

Most cats will take to PrettyLitter immediately. But some may have a harder time transitioning. Cats can be fickle, so acclimating them may take your cat some time if they don’t recognize PrettyLitter's new texture, color, or (lack of) smell.

Try taking one poop and one urine clump from the old litter and put it into the new PrettyLitter fill. Your cat will recognize the familiar smell and know this is still their bathroom. This has been really successful in transitioning our feline family members to PrettyLitter!

Another method would be to fill your litter box with 75% PrettyLitter and add a 25% layer of the old litter to the top. Your cat will mix it in themselves and then you can use 100% PrettyLitter the following month when it’s time to replace it.

For more Transitioning Tips, watch our video below!

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