How do I use PrettyLitter?

Using PrettyLitter is easy! We're not kitten...  😼️

  1. Pour an entire bag into a clean, average sized litter box (approx. 12" x 16").
  2. Make sure you achieve two (2) inches of litter depth recommended for best results.
  3. Stir and scoop regularly throughout 30 days of use before replacing with a fresh bag.

Helpful Tips:

Remember to scoop your cat's feces every day, making sure to shake off any excess or loose litter granules during the removal process. After scooping is complete, thoroughly mix your cat’s litter to avoid saturating the same spots in the litter box that your cat may prefer to urinate in.

Regularly checking the color of the litter is key. Shades of yellow to olive green are an indication of typical acidity and alkalinity levels. If you notice any other colors, thoroughly mix the litter and monitor your cat's PrettyLitter closely over the next 24 to 48 hours. If color change persists, you should consider consulting your Veterinarian.

When the litter is saturated, typically after a month's use, empty the entire litter box's contents into a trash bag. If there is any residue on the bottom of the litter box, clean it thoroughly before pouring in a fresh supply of PrettyLitter. 


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