Does PrettyLitter clump?

Our PrettyLitter signature formula is a non-clumping litter. It is available in both Original (Unscented) and Lotus Flower (Scented).

We use super absorbent silica crystals that trap odor and urine inside and allow the moisture to evaporate out. Any solid excrement from your purr-baby is the only waste you need to dispose of. Low maintenance is what we strive for, so simply scoop the 💩️, and stir the rest. Just be sure to replace the litter every month for best use and maximum freshness.

Do you prefer a litter solution that clumps? We’ve got you covered!

NEW ✨️ PrettyLitter Clumping ✨️ is available. It’s our signature health-monitoring kitty litter now with NEW scoopable clumps.

To shop our Clumping PrettyLitter, click here.

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