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  • Marissa created an article,

    How do I cancel a subsciption?

    You may cancel your subscription at any time. You can log in to your online account to update your subscription or let us know and we'd be happy to help. Please be advised that any changes should b...

  • Marissa created an article,

    I didn't get my toys! What should I do?

    If you didn't receive one of the complimentary toys that comes with a 3 month supply of PrettyLitter or other special offers please reach out to our Support Team so we can get those to you as soon ...

  • Marissa created an article,

    Our 30 day risk-free offer

    We're giving you the chance to try our revolutionary health monitoring litter risk-free! From the time of purchase, new customers will have 30 days to fall in love with our non-clumping litter. If ...

  • Marissa created an article,

    How was PrettyPlease tested?

    We formulated PrettyPlease with a group of pet nutrition experts and a feline nutritionist. The formula has been well tested for over two years. For palatability tests, we sent PrettyPlease to thou...

  • Marissa created an article,

    In the protein profile I see PrettyPlease uses chicken and chicken meal. Tell me more.

    PrettyPlease uses pure meat meal as opposed to meat and bone meal or meat by-product meal. This essentially means that after the meat is ground up into smaller, more workable granules, the water an...

  • Marissa created an article,

    What are the benefits of PrettyPlease?

    Created by a team of pet nutrition experts and a feline nutritionist, PrettyPlease is an ultra-premium cat food that has everything your cat needs for lifelong whole body health. Real chicken is ou...

  • Marissa created an article,

    How much PrettyPlease should I feed my cat?

    The following feeding recommendations are based on the weight of your cat and can be found on the side of the bag: For nursing mothers, kittens and growing cats, the feeding suggestions are also d...

  • Marissa created an article,

    Is it ok if my dog eats PrettyPlease?

    If your dog consumes PrettyPlease, there is no need to worry. PrettyPlease is an ultra premium cat food made of the highest quality ingredients. Cat food is more calorie dense than dog food, but it...

  • Marissa created an article,

    How do I transition my cat from their old food to PrettyPlease?

    Start feeding your cat a mixture of food containing 75% of their original food and 25% PrettyPlease. After a few days increase the amount of PrettyPlease and decrease the amount of original food.

  • Marissa created an article,

    If my cat is on a prescription diet, can I transition them to PrettyPlease?

    If your cat is on a prescription diet, we recommend talking to your Veterinarian to see if transitioning to a premium diet is right for them.